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Avail the best electrical products such as Three Phase Thyristor Controller, 230V Thyristor Controller, Hard chrome Rectifier, Anodizing Rectifier, IGBT Rectifier, Electroplating Rectifier, Industrial IGBT Rectifier, Oil Cooled Rectifier, etc.
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About Us

Because of the continuously evolving technology, the demand of various electrical goods has increased considerably in the marketplace, and several companies have displayed their expertise in this area. Similarly, our company, Fairdeal Power Controls, has been excelling in its field and providing high-quality of electrical products as a manufacturer and supplier. Since we started to operate in the year of 1996, we have risen in popularity by providing a wide variety of goods, including IGBT Rectifier, Anodizing Rectifier, Electroplating Rectifier, Industrial IGBT Rectifier, Three Phase Thyristor Controller, Thyristor Power Controller, Hard chrome Rectifier, Oil Cooled Rectifier and many more. Many customers in the industry have always respected our business because we ensure our goods adhere to the top quality standards and are always delivered to the customers on-time.

Why Us?

While it is difficult to lead a company in this cut-throat market of electrical products, however, we have been working with utmost enthusiasm and determination to obtain a strong position in the market. Moreover, there are many critical elements that allow us to remain competitive and grow our business in the industry, some of which are given below:

  • We confirm that our entire product range meets & exceeds the highest quality criteria.
  • We use a range of targeting strategies to keep our collection in front of the right audience.
  • We follow the most ethical corporate practices when dealing with the clients.
  • We provide a safe and healthy work environment to our employees so as to maximize the productivity.

Our Focus On Quality

The quality of products provided by a business is believed to be one of the most significant of all its aspects. In line with this, our company focuses on serving the best quality of products to the customers. We manufacture a wide range of goods, such as Three Phase Thyristor Controller, Thyristor Power Controller, Industrial IGBT Rectifier, Hard chrome Rectifier, Oil Cooled Rectifier, etc., and sell them to clients at fair prices. After the precise manufacturing of our entire product line, we thoroughly examine it as per different quality attributes. All in all, our quality-focused approach has always made it easy for us to win the support of so many of our customers in the industry.